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Guess what movie these kids were from...

What 90's kids movie are these people from... Can you guess?.... ;)

(the following pictures were used with full permission from HowTheyLook.com)

THE BABY SITTERS CLUB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Kristy aka Schuyler Fisk continued acting til 2006. Her main focus at the moment is on her Singing Career (link here)


Stacey aka Bre Blair is still acting. She just finished 2 new movies: "Mercy" and "Small Town Saturday Night". She also dated Pedro from Napoleon Dynamite. lol


Dawn aka Larisa Oleynik continues to act as well. She's done little things here and there. Nothing much. Ah! I should do a Alex Mack entry! That show rocked!


Claudia aka Tricia Joe first off is dating some dude with white eyebrows. Other than that, she has a degree in criminal justice and no longer acts. Oh, and here's her Myspace


Mallory aka Stacy is doing porn. Or thats what some people online claim. Unfortuntely, her Myspace profile is private and I cant see anything other than that pic posted above. lol


Mary Anne aka Rachael Leigh Cook still does tons of acting. Has 4 movies coming out soon. She's married to actor Daniel Gillies.


Jesse aka Zelda Harris did an episode of NYPD Blue in 2002.


Alan Gray aka Aaron Michael Metchik actually just finished a movie! Before this new movie, he hadn't acted since 1999. Aaron's Myspace


Logan aka Austin O'Brien still acts. He's married and Here is his Myspace.

Lucas aka Christian Oliver is still acting. He was in the recent movie "Valkyrie". He lives in LA and runs a production company called Chabofilms.
WTF Jackie Rodowsky (aka Asher Metchik)? I guess he likes to wear make-up at times? Yes, the picture above is 100% real. And his bio on Myspace says... "i had a really fucked up childhood. i am currently on an obscene amount of prescription medications for various psychological/gastrointestinal disorders." Nice. Okay, so maybe he's just be trying to be funny. (His Myspace link )


Another one of the little kids.. Suzy Barret (aka Scarlett Pomers) battled eating disorders for awhile. Still acts every once in awhile but is trying for a Music Career now.


Cokie Mason aka Marla Sokoloff is better than all these other bitches. She once dated James Franco and she has 1 movie and 3 tv shows coming out this year!


Rosie (aka Vanessa Zima) is still acting. She was on one episode of House and has a movie coming out soon.

Source: Your Guide to How Old Kid Stars Look now
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