Katie (katierebecca) wrote in stoneybrook,

Stoneybrook_U wants you!

Looking for a BSC RPG? Love the BSC's charges? Want to determine what happened to your favorite characters when they finally made it college?

Join us at Stoneybrook University! (stoneybrook_u over at greatestjournal.com)

We are an established active game looking to reach out to new players and veteran players alike!

Available characters include Karen Brewer, Haley Braddock, Jordan and Adam Pike, Nancy Dawes, Norman Hill, Jackie Rodowsky, Adele Parsons, Jake Kuhn, Bill Korman, Becca Ramsey, Betsy Sobak, Pamela Harding and MANY MORE!

No experience necessary! Any and all BSC fans are welcome!

Click here for more information! Hope to see you at stoneybrook_u.
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