sailor_scout07 (sailor_scout07) wrote in stoneybrook,

BSC chat/rpg channel

I've made up my mind to go onto IRC (Which you can find for free at ) onto the server sorcerynet (don't let the name fool you all kinds of rpgs and stuff are there) and make a BSC Chat/RPG room called #stoneybrook

to join just download IRC (if you haven't already)

run the install program fire up IRC fill in the infomation it asks for ( like what nickname you want to use email and so on)

then click ok

now in the status window type /server and hit enter

once conected register your nick with nickserv /msg nickserv register MYSECRETCODE email  replaceing 'mysecretcode' with what you want your password to be and email with your email address so if you lose your password you can have it sent to your email!

once that's all done just type /join #stoneybrook I'll almost always be there as BSCFan27 unless I"m offline or something. If I don't answer right away chances are I'm in the other room or out at the bookstore or grocery store (or lost in BSC-land lol)

enjoy and hope to meet you there!
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