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Ahh Memories. I love the BSC! Hiya I'm Cammie and I"m a BSC fan. (Ugh I'm sounding like BSC anon here lol) I"m in my second time collecting the books and loving it! I'd love to be able to hang out here I have so many fond memories of the BSC and respectfully the Super Specials one or two Mysteries (Hey it's hard to find just them in a lot without getting a bunch of doubles elsewhere lol) and the Little sister books. (I feel sorry for Karen at times sigh)

I even had a time in my life where a friend of mine and I would be on the phone or online for hours together writing our own BSC stories.

Then we ended up like Stacey and Lane did. Ex Best friends. Sigh.

Anyway  this is me and I'm saying Hi-Hi-Hi a-la Jamie Newton!

Maybe someday if you like I'll tell you some of the adventures my friend and I wrote. I don't mind really!

Well right now theres a bowl of popcorn and a Super Special (#11 one of my favs) waiting for me in the living room.

bye *waves*
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