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BSC fanfics

Dude! This is great! I just went to, well actually I always go there for Harry Potter fanfics, but we won't go there. Anyway, I was just curious as to what other books they had because I never looked before. My gawd, they have everything and anything you could think of! Almost every TV show has a least one fanfic, every book, well probably not every book, but they have a good collection. And they have BSC fanfics!!! It's great! There's one that I read about a reunion 6 years after high school. They all met up at Abby's house and shared their life stories. It was really cute. If you wanna read it I think it was called "Ready For Anything" by Starry Nights. Their stories are quite strange. It's just for drama tho... other than that it was really cute. ::grins::
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